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  1. Be able to send data from the API to be integrated into other webpages/CRM's.  ·  completed

  2. Provide additional data about the browser

  3. Canned replies folders by categories by team and others

  4. In Historical Analytics - Just show Messages Count also

  5. Allow for agent metrics to be measured for a large number of sites and interactions

  6. To have a button where we can download the data on reporting for all of the properties at once

  7. Data Once filled in the pre-chat form are not cleared.. It should get cleared once i start a new chat..  ·  completed

  8. UI changes for many concurrent chats needed  ·  under review

  9. There is no facility to response automatically to the offline messages??  ·  completed

  10. Pictures in the preset response & Payment for customer support over the phone.

  11. Add an option to open the chat window in response to a trigger  ·  completed

  12. when user close chat window, it deletes all my text which i did not send  ·  completed

  13. In the option of trigger of messages, they should activate that the user must put their data to initiate the chat: Name, mail, tel, etc .. t  ·  completed

  14. When a user chats from mobile they want to hear sound when a response is sent

  15. Make dashboard "site-aware"

  16. Enter the group option so I can easily transfer the data.

  17. Remove client cookies from the widget  ·  declined

  18. to add referance page in agent mail

  19. Offer a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to comply with GDPR  ·  completed

  20. The ability to have an automated response system where I can input pre-questions with a checkbox that the client will enter fast.  ·  completed

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