1. A report about the chats by agents would be wonderful. Some agents may be more active and response to more chats than others

  2. How about ..keep every visiter monitoring history folder

  3. Possible to self host or at least API access to our data.  ·  completed

  4. I'd like to choose the monitoring data for each website  ·  started

  5. When creating a ticket for an offline message, automatically close the chat.  ·  under review

  6. Edit contact

  7. Placeholder grammar/syntax to refer to user-data (use in Shortcuts and Tabs, access CRM, make call, send SMS…))

  8. Being able to access to past conversations, contacts, etc. via API

  9. Prevent Agent from seeing other Agents Chat History

  10. Report with total volumes of chats done in the month by agent

  11. Analytics collected data to be able to export  ·  completed

  12. Set field-values in the pre-chat-form via the javascript-api, not only name/email  ·  under review

  13. automatic responses that would be triggered with certain words if I am offline or online. Like "Donate" would send them the required URL.  ·  under review

  14. Validation in pre-chat form for name, email

  15. JS-API: create Method like Tawk_API.onMessage(data) to handle client-behavior  ·  under review

  16. Historical Data showing Time of Day visits occur

  17. add a feature to obtain weekly totals of historical data (without having to add daily totals)

  18. Auto Away - Email Option  ·  completed

  19. Include hourly reporting stats

  20. Include images in Knowledgebase

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