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    To All Our Valued Users, Thank you for choosing and for taking the time to provide us your feedback and suggestions. At the moment, we can monitor the agent's performance through User Satisfaction reporting. This can be achieved under the Sentiments feature in which the visitor can click the thumbs up and down icon to rate the chat conversation handled by the agent. To check the agent's statistics for User Satisfaction, do the following: 1. Select the Reporting section on the left sidebar 2. Click the filter icon 3. Select the agent 4. Option to download the report as CSV file. The report will show you how many Negative, Positive, or Neutral sentiments each agent receives from their chats. If you have any other questions, require assistance, or just want to talk to someone at, here is our calendar link: We're happy to help!

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    Chris Needham commented  · 

    Right now there's an awesome JS code to detect when an agent is online or offline which is very useful.

    I'd like to be able to detect WHO is logged in. I'm assuming not many users however will have a similar set-up to me but here's what I have at the moment:

    I have the API choose 1 of 4 online/offline images to display. Each one has one of our consultants' name and picture on, for example "Talk to Bill" then on the next visit / refresh it might have a picture of Ben and say "How can Ben help you?"

    What would be nice is if we could detect who is actually logged in. So if Bill was on holiday for a week his image would not show up. Similarly, if only Ben is logged in on a particular day then only his image would show and thus somebody clicking "Talk to Ben" will actually get through to Ben and make the experience a bit more personal.

    As I typed that I realised you would then need a fall back for offline. If you're showing "Ben is online" when he is, what about when he's offline? Right now my offline image says "Leave Ben a message" which I suppose would be fine no matter who picks up the message the next day.

    You could even put "Ben is offline, was online 10 minutes ago" but then you have the problem of if it says "Ben was online 5 days ago" it won't look very active. I guess you could set "active agents" as those who have been online in the last 3 days. But that's another feature all together.

    Right now I'd like, though it's not overly important, to be able to personalise the user experience by showing "Sebastian is online" and then they get through to the person they clicked. Could the API even detect which Agent they clicked? So in the back end it said "Name, Message, Agent" and that way the right agent could click it. Alternatively, somebody else could pick it up and say "My name is Jill, Sebastian is on his lunch"

    Sorry for rambling, hope I got my idea across. Thanks.

    Chris Needham supported this idea  · 

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