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    To All Our Valued Users, Thank you for choosing and for sharing your challenge here. At this stage, we currently don't have the red indicator badge icon on our mobile app. We do, however, have sound and banner notifications for both iOS and Android devices: 1. iOS: 2. Android: We're continuing to build out our Messaging product and have taken on your suggestion. We will post updates once the feature has been implemented. If you have any other questions, require assistance, or just want to talk to someone at, here is our calendar link: We're happy to help!

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    Naru munim commented  · 

    App icon badges are subtler than push notifications or audible notifications. Because they’re delivered silently and don’t appear until users decide to check their phones, users tend to find them useful rather than distracting.

    In fact, our curiosity, desire to be informed, and urge to complete things are all part of the human behavior that makes app icon badges a valuable customer engagement tool.

    1. We Can’t Resist Notifications
    Neuroscience research has shown that information is a reward for the human brain.* We’re driven by curiosity, and that may explain why we can’t resist finding out what a new notification on our smartphone is all about. To us, that red dot on our app icon may be as irresistible as a red laser pointer dot is to a cat.

    But curious though we may be, there is such a thing as too many notifications. Our data science team discovered that 28% of consumers will uninstall an app if they receive too many notifications or ads.

    2. We’re Powered by FOMO
    This one’s particularly relevant when it comes to games or social media apps. If there’s a community involved — and especially if we have friends in that community — FOMO (that’s “fear of missing out”) kicks in. Science has discovered a direct link between FOMO and high levels of social media engagement.*

    An app badge in a mobile game app might mean that someone’s thrown down the virtual gauntlet by beating your high score. On a shopping app, it could mean we have a new shipping notification. Either way, customers are likely to engage with your app if they fear they might be missing something good.

    3. We’re Driven To Complete Things
    The average smartphone user taps, swipes, or clicks 2,617 times a day, and the top 10% of smartphone users interact with their phones over twice as often.*

    Curiosity powers much of that interaction, but it’s also possible that sometimes we just don’t like to leave things unfinished, and app icon badges often mean there’s something that needs our attention.

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