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    Hi dear tawkers,

    It’s been a while since this has been visited but we have made several improvements to the widget styling but we know that you want A LOT more.
    No worries, this is still in the plans, we just need to develop a few other important features before we start tackling this.

    Will keep you updated!

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    Jon commented  · 

    It would be great it we could make further customizations to the styling of the chat widget. The elements I'd particularly like to be able to customize include the following:

    Header Text: Set the font family, font size, font style (such as bold, italicized, etc.)

    Text directly below the header: font color (the light gray color currently used is somewhat difficult to read), tex alignment (would like to left-align this text instead of it being centered as it currently is)

    Questions/options text: font color, line height (currently it's a little too bunched together IMO), be able to put the question outside the text box for the "Add question with textarea" option (instead of the question being a placeholder within the textbox like it is now)

    Chat window styling: be able to increase/decrease the width of the border around the chat window, be able to remove the border entirely if we want

    Footer Text: Basically the same as the header text; set the font family, font size, font style (such as bold, italicized, etc.)

    Thanks in advance for your consideration of my suggestions!

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