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    Hi dear tawkers,

    It’s been a while since this has been visited but we have made several improvements to the widget styling but we know that you want A LOT more.
    No worries, this is still in the plans, we just need to develop a few other important features before we start tackling this.

    Will keep you updated!

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    Stefan commented  · 

    This should go up on your priority list as this is the only thing that sets you back from your competitors and this would be an easy option to monetize

    I would have zero problem paying a monthly fee for custom widget features.

    I started on as a free service to trial out live chat on my site... after realising its worth i then started looking at pay for chat services only because of the limited custom widget options tawk provides. I stuck with tawk for 2 reasons 1) i thinks its the best on the market 2) Im hoping you will at some point take my money and add in better custom widget options/themes or even better css styling.

    Take my $$$$ tawk ... its yours!!!!

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