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    Rangel Morais commented  · 

    Same here.

    default:182 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'sessionHandler' of null
    at Object.v.maximize.Tawk_API.maximize (VM1245 default:182)
    at Object.Tawk_API.onLoad ((index):1496)
    at Object.function.a.onLoad.n.onLoad (VM1245 default:198)
    at Z.initBuildChat (VM1245 default:720)
    at Z.setupDone (VM1245 default:723)
    at Z.begin (VM1245 default:718)
    at d (VM1245 default:662)
    at XMLHttpRequest.l.onreadystatechange (VM1245 default:247)
    v.maximize.Tawk_API.maximize @ default:182
    Tawk_API.onLoad @ (index):1496
    function.a.onLoad.n.onLoad @ VM1245 default:198
    Z.initBuildChat @ VM1245 default:720
    Z.setupDone @ VM1245 default:723
    Z.begin @ VM1245 default:718
    d @ VM1245 default:662
    l.onreadystatechange @ VM1245 default:247
    XMLHttpRequest.send (async)
    ya.xhrRequest @ VM1245 default:247
    ea.doRegister @ VM1245 default:662
    ea.startRegister @ VM1245 default:661
    ea.getUUID @ VM1245 default:660
    ea.prepareData @ VM1245 default:659
    ea.register @ VM1245 default:658
    (anonymous) @ VM1245 default:716
    setTimeout (async)
    Z.bootStrap @ VM1245 default:716
    Z.init @ VM1245 default:715
    Z.load @ VM1245 default:713
    (anonymous) @ VM1245 default:727
    (anonymous) @ VM1245 default:728
    (anonymous) @ VM1245 default:730
    default:240 Uncaught TypeError: this.getBrowserData is not a function
    at Ya.handleError (VM1245 default:240)
    at e.onerror (VM1245 default:241)

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