1. Option to store the site visitor data for future analysis

  2. Analytics collected data to be able to export  ·  completed

  3. Offer a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to comply with GDPR  ·  completed

  4. Machine learning neuronal networks

  5. Historical Data showing Time of Day visits occur

  6. go conform with European privacy and data protection regulations  ·  completed

  7. Enter Client Email address if no Response from Agent after certain Wait-time  ·  completed

  8. can you create a report that lists the data that you are already collecting in monitoring?

  9. Show more GEO-data on-hover (and entirely)

  10. Make possible allocate all the data from the chats and administration in my own server.

  11. Data Once filled in the pre-chat form are not cleared.. It should get cleared once i start a new chat..  ·  completed

  12. Include images in Knowledgebase

  13. Auto Away - Email Option  ·  completed

  14. Remove IP associated cookies when chat ends. Give visitors 'public computer' option which automatically removes chat history and data  ·  under review

  15. Be able to send data from the API to be integrated into other webpages/CRM's.  ·  completed

  16. Reporting API

  17. data integration of chat and ticket with our own system on the bases of email and cell number

  18. to add referance page in agent mail

  19. Is it possible to have Pre-Chat Form Data (name & email?) Integrated into Our WordPress Members List? Basically "Registering" them?  ·  under review

  20. auto response/email

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